6 December 2022

Bharat Jodo Diary (End of Day)


Pawan Khera and Manish Khanduri

The #BharatJodoYatra has barely been two days in the state of Rajasthan but the experience already has made a deep mark on some Yatris. Listen to what Yatri R Sudha has to say: “Today I met a 6 month old baby and a 90 year old man while walking. Both were there because of the Yatra.”

Yatri R Sudha (centre, holding child): “Coming from Tamil Nadu, I have formed an amazing and strong bond with Rajasthan”

And it’s not just the diversity, it’s the unusual passion of the people. “This evening when we told some people that we had walked from Kanyakumari, they wanted to touch our feet in respect!” No wonder that Sudha says that she “Coming from Tamil Nadu has formed an amazing and strong bond with Rajasthan.”

As if to prove Sudha’s point about diversity, today we spotted Bhagwati Bhil, sporting a bow and arrow while walking on the highway. It was a striking sight and we couldn’t help but ask her why she was there. “These are the identity of the Bhil community,” she stated, “And I hope to make a present of them to Rahul Gandhi” she said.

Bhagwati Bhil wants to gift her bow and arrow to Congress MP Rahul Gandhi. “This is part of the identity of the Bhil community,” she stated.

There were others who had come to watch the Yatra because they appreciated the work that previous Congress regimes had done. For example, those like Santhosh had come with her fellow MNREGA workers, recalled that “the scheme was the gift of the Congress government.”

Santhosh (foreground) had come with her fellow MNREGA workers, recalled that “the scheme was the gift of the Congress government.”

But whoever we met on the way, it was a diverse mix of the young and the old, men and women, people from near and far who came to watch the evening leg of the Yatra from Suket to Hiriya Kheri. It was for the most part a journey through farmlands with the occasional village by the way.

The Yatris were joined this evening by Professors Shyam Sunder Jyani, environmentalist and academic, and later, representatives of the farming community.

Day 90 of the Bharat Jodo Yatra was also the 66th Mahaparinirvan Diwas of statesman Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar. We pay deepest homage to a great man.

Currently in state of Rajasthan, the Bharat Jodo Yatra is a five month, 3500 kilometre long Padyatra from Kanyakumari in the South of India to Kashmir up in the North. It is part of the party’s national mass outreach program aimed at highlighting social polarisation, economic inequalities and political centralisation.

Ground research: Aparna Ashwarya (INC Communications Department research team)

End of Day Travel Facts

1. District names: Jhalawar, Kota.
2. The district is the birthplace of a famous Bhakti saint, popularly known as Bhagat Pipa.
3. Jhalawar is known by the nicknames of Cherrapunji of Rajasthan because the highest rainfall in the whole of Rajasthan occurs in Manoharthana town in the district.
4. Jhalawar Fort is one of the several historic fortifications in Rajasthan that were collectively designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2013.
5. Jhalawar is known for the production of oranges and is called “The Orange City.”
6. Jhalawar is the birthplace of the famous Hindi poet and socialist, Nand Chaturvedi.
7. Kota district is famous for its handcraft art (Kota Doria), fairs and festivals and architecture (Kansua Temple, Haveli of Devtaji, etc).
8. Kota is emerging as one of the biggest manufacturers of fertilizers in Asia.
9. Kota is also a hub for various educational coaching institutes for IIT-JEE and Medical Entrance Exams.

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