7 December 2022

Bharat Jodo Diary (End of Day)


Pawan Khera and Manish Khanduri

At a massive public gathering in Kota today, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi stated that at the beginning, when the #BharatJodoYatra started “We though they this would be a difficult journey. First there was the heat, then it rained and now it’s becoming colder… but we’re not tired because you, the people of India, have given this Yatra your love and support… and made our task easier.”

It is the truth that the difficulties of the journey have been overcome not just by the dedication of those who walk, but also by the support of the people. People like Bimlesh who was waiting with her friends by the side of the road for hours. Why was she there? “I had heard that the yatra and Rahul was coming,” she said, “And wanted to see him.”

Bimlesh (centre) was waiting with her friends by the side of the road for hours because “I had heard that the Yatra and Rahul was coming.” Photo credit – Ajay Thakur

The Yatris walked 10 kilometres from Mandana to their evening break at Cablenagar, Kota. Says Yatri Pratibha Raghuvanshi, “We encountered very few villages or settled habitats this evening,” implying that it was mostly a walk through open, unpopulated terrain.

Yatri Pratibha Raghuvanshi (Left) “Encountered very few villages or settled habitats this evening”, but carried on undeterred

Along the way the Yatris were joined by representatives of the Ekal Nari Shakti Sangathan (ENSS), an organisation dedicated to supporting and empowering low-income “women alone.” Citing the example of ENSS and the fact that it’s members walked with Congress MP Rahul Gandhi, Yatri Santosh Kolkunda pointed out how the Yatra is “highlighting not just key social issues, but also bringing to the forefront organisations that are trying to bring a positive change.”

In the evening the Yatris were treated to a musical event headlined by famous Kabirpanthi and folk singer Prahlad Singh Tipanya, and also Rajasthani Kathputli dance performances. “It was such a wonderful experience,” said Yatri Vaibhav Walia. One of the great pleasures of the Yatra, we may add, is the exposure to cultures, people and arts that one would not have encountered otherwise. Listening to Tipanya perform on a winter evening in Rajasthan was indeed one of the Yatra’s memorable experiences.

Speaking to the press earlier in the day Congress MP Jairam Ramesh stated that in the previous 90 days of the #BharatJodoYatra the party has held 60 corner meetings, 8 big rallies and 7 press interventions led by Rahul Gandhi (not counting press interactions with other party leaders). These numbers clearly highlight the intensity and commitment with which the party is spreading the message of the Yatra.

Currently in the state of Rajasthan, the Bharat Jodo Yatra is a five month, 3500 kilometre long Padyatra from Kanyakumari in the South of India to Kashmir up in the North. It is part of the party’s national mass outreach program aimed at highlighting social polarisation, economic inequalities and political centralisation.



Ground research: Aparna Ashwarya (INC Communications Department research team)

End of Day Travel Facts

1. District names: Kota
2. Kota district is famous for its handcraft art (Kota Doria), fairs and festivals and architecture (Kansua Temple, Haveli of Devtaji, etc).
3. Kota is emerging as one of the biggest manufacturers of fertilizers in Asia.
4. Kota is also a hub for various educational coaching institutes for IIT-JEE and Medical Entrance Exams.

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